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Tamkang University (TKU) was founded in 1950 and supported the Triple Objectives of Education promoted by Founder, Dr. Clement C. P. Chang; and passing through the Four Waves of development: "Foundational period," "Positioning period," "Uplifting period" and "Transformational period," the four-in-one integrated campuses of Tamsui, Taipei, Lanyang and Cyber were constructed thus forming the stable foundation of Tamkang. In November of 2017 the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center was officially opened through the donations of the TKU alumni; this continues the excellent heritage of Tamkang culture. With the quick infusion of new power, the new course of development of the Fifth Wave was launched. Moreover, the Fifth Wave of Tamkang takes "To Create A Great Tamsui; To Embrace A Smart Future" as its medium range vision.

As for the aspect of planning the teachers' teaching and the curriculum, TKU has without exception upheld the concept of "the learner is the center." From the first mile of incoming new students to the last mile of the graduating seniors, and again to the first mile of facing job employment or starting a business, all require different stages of learning demands, and TKU has created a comprehensive learning plan and built a "student learning value chain" for students in their four undergraduate years. As for the aspect of students' learning, TKU mainly adopts the "Three Circles Curricula": professional curriculum, general curriculum, and extracurricular curriculum, and also honors program, cross-field courses, employment programs and capstone courses as auxiliaries. TKU has not only achieved the effectiveness of intensive professionalism, learning application and advancement, and unified learning, but also has been able to deepen the five Educational Disciplines of "conduct, intelligence, physical education, teamwork, and beauty" to foster in students the possession of the eight essential qualities of a Global Perspective, Informational Literacy, a Vision for the Future, Moral Integrity, Independent Thinking, a Cheerful Attitude and Healthy Lifestyle, a Spirit of Teamwork and Dedication, and a Sense of Aesthetic Appreciation. to become Tamkang people who are excellent with a soul.

In 2018 the British higher educational research company, Quacquarelli Symonds, placed TKU the fourth time in Asia's best university rankings; from among the seven indicators, the proportion of international students, the proportion of foreign exchange students, the proportion of Taiwan students going abroad as exchange students have grown significantly. This is an obvious concrete expression of the long term promotion of the ideal of Globalization. The present number of established sister-school relations this year already amounts to 207 schools in 36 countries extending over five continents of the world; there are transnational double degree programs with 21 schools from six nations, and there are 2,054 overseas degree students from 75 nations. In 2015 TKU earned the Outstanding Internationalization Award from the Ministry of Education and becoming a model school for internationalization.

After TKU steps into the fifth wave, the Triple Objectives of Globalization, Information-oriented Education, and Future-oriented Education will adopt a balanced development. In 2018 the "Tamkang Clement and Carrie Chair" was established with the hope of being able to advance more internationally renowned scholars to give lectures, to engage in intensive lectures and to do cooperative research thus promoting Tamkang's position on the stage of the global village. As for the Information-oriented Education, it will take "intellect" as its core spirit, implement a digital transformation, create a smart campus 2.0, utilize the new concepts of smart technology and service design including big data, artificial intelligence, mobile computing, cloud computing, and internet of things. Upon earning the National Quality Award for the Total Quality Management System, TKU leads in the area of advanced smart technology in teaching, administration, and service, advancing organizational activation, effective utilization of human resources, upgrading service quality and creating value added letting the entire faculty, staff, student and alumni amply feel convenience, safety, excellence and well-being. The Future-oriented Education is located in having the characteristic of social responsibility in the diversity of "Collaborative Foresight"; this continues refining future studies courses, upgrading teaching pedagogy in order to strengthen the clear understanding of students in their Future-oriented Education and competency development.

In the "Top 2,000 Enterprises' Favorite College Graduates" survey conducted by Cheers business magazine in 2018, TKU has ranked first among all private universities continuously for 21 consecutive years and ninth place among all institutes of higher learning in Taiwan. In the proportion of the survey's nine main categories, among the private universities TKU was the first place in eight out of nine categories. In the rankings of Taiwan's best university for 2018 by Global Views Monthly among the five main items: social influence, academic accomplishment, teaching performance, degree of internationalization, and promotion and income from industry and academia, in the 34 indicators of the investigation, TKU earned eighth place nationwide for social influence, and for the degree of internationalization, TKU obtained the fourth place, and among the liberal arts, law and business category, TKU was fourth place nationwide. TKU is happy to have this outstanding performance, yet it urges us to double our efforts in the future to add value to academic professionalism, strengthen teaching, boost industry and academia cooperation, and establish a teaching ecosystem of innovative entrepreneurship. With the foundation of Tamkang Culture and the accomplishments of the Founder and other successive presidents, the good achievements should again be carried on by building upon the initial successes and by taking the spirit of the old to create the new so as to erect a superb, first-rate, world-class comprehensive university.

Huan-Chao Keh
President of Tamkang


  • President Of TKU
  • Professor, Department Of Computer Science And Information Engineering, TKU

  • Ph.D., Department of Computer Science, Oregon State University, USA
  • M.S., Department of Computer Science, Oregon State University, USA
  • B.A., Department of Horticulture Science, National Chung Hsing University, ROC.

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs, TKU
  • Dean of Academic Affairs, TKU
  • Chair of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, TKU
  • Dean of Student Affairs, TKU
  • Director of Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section, TKU

  • Clinical Medicine Information Systems
  • Medical Resource Management Information Systems
  • Data Mining

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