Progress in Meeting the Challenges of Higher Education Today

When I first arrived at Tamkang University, having just received my doctorate in Economics in the US, I was enormously impressed by the tremendous growth and vitality of TKU. Quite honestly, the research rooms, fulltime faculty, and classrooms were simply not enough for the size of the student body we had at the time. Indeed, the student enrollment then was one of the highest among all universities in Taiwan. However, as all of you are probably aware, in recent years higher education in Taiwan has undergone tremendous alterations, with even greater and more ominous changes expected in the future. The well-known, long run fall in the total fertility rate in Taiwan, along with government's continuous innovations aimed at improving higher education in the short run, have made the smooth operation of universities in Taiwan a monumental challenge. It appears that the scale of higher education in the future is bound to be characterized as "small, but beautiful"; so that both teaching and administrative components in the school will have to respond jointly and effectively to such changes.

TKU's administrative system directs and supports the operation of the entire university, and I might point out that in the past all administrative offices have demonstrated a superb level of performance in carrying out their duties. The task of the Administrative Vice President is to supervise the promotion and efficient administration of school affairs, as well as coordinate and integrate the resources and activities of each administrative office. Under the current set of challenges that we now face, it is essential we succeed in raising the productivity of our staff – thus enabling the entire administrative team at TKU to achieve greater success and accomplishments, using better communication, along with efficient but necessary reductions in budgets, manpower, and material resources. This is the formidable task we face.

TKU has benefited greatly by the outstanding and professional leadership of past Administrative Vice Presidents. Of course, our school involves a very large administrative demand, which underscores the value of the past work of these individuals in establishing a firm and solid foundation for us to build on. In the future, we will continue work as those before us have done. Our actions will be anchored in the belief that anything helpful to the school will be fulfilled with our utmost efforts and diligence. We owe it to the students and to ourselves.


  • Vice President for Administrative Affairs, TKU
  • Professor of Department of Economics, TKU

  • Ph.D in Economics, Northeastern University, USA
  • M.S. in Economics, Northeastern University, USA
  • B.B. Department of International Trade, Tunghai University, Taiwan, R.O.C.

  • Dean of Human Resource, TKU
  • Chairman of Department of Economics, TKU
  • Associate Professor of Department of Economics, TKU
  • Lecturer of Department of Economics, Northeastern University, USA

  • Monetary Policies
  • Fiscal Policies
  • Macroeconomics
  • Money and Banking

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