Globalization has always been a major focus for Tamkang University (TKU). It represents one of the pillars of the "triple objectives of education", and reflects the pioneering approach toward school administration laid out by the founder, Dr. Clement C.P. Chang.

In this age of globalization, Taiwan cannot afford to be out of the fold, and must instead embrace and welcome international ideas and resources. TKU students and faculty must keep in mind the significance of globalization, and work to bring about greater exchange and cooperation with academic institutions around the world. Moreover, we must encourage students to gain proficiency in foreign languages, absorb more information from abroad, and take part in a variety of international exchange and learning activities. In other words, to evolve into exceptional students with the ability to compete on a global stage.

It is my sincere hope that TKU faculty and students do not rest on their laurels, but continue to build on the achievements already made. Let us join together to promote globalization so that it may become a distinct feature of Tamkang University education, a shining source of pride.


  • Vice President for International Affairs, TKU
  • Professor, Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, TKU

  • Ph.D. in Politics, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

  • Dean, College of International Studies, TKU
  • Director of Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, TKU
  • Representative in the National Assembly
  • Chairman of the Referendum Review Committee of Executive Yuan
  • Consultative Committee Member of the Mainland Affairs Council of Executive Yuan
  • Director of Foundation on Asia-Pacific Peace Studies
  • Supervisor of Association of Foreign Relations
  • Director of Association of Sino-American Culture and Economy
  • Advisory Committee of National Defense Report

  • International Relations
  • Asia-Pacific Area Security
  • US-China-Taiwan Relations
  • American Foreign Policy
  • Cross-Strait Relations

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